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 Volt Probe



T5000 series Low Cost Probes

Oscilloscope Rapier
Performance & Characteristics
Attenuation ratio: 1 and 10 optional.
Portable design according with ergonomics.?
Integral injection molding makes the usage more flexible and the oscilloscope able to adapt more testing situations.?
Safety standards: it has passed the CE Attestation of European Community.
Application Fields
Compatible with domestic and international digital and analog oscilloscopes in relevant frequency.
Measurement in intermediate and low frequency signals.
Order Information
Accessories included by?PP series passive voltage rapier
Operation manual
Adjusting tool: adjusts compensation capacitance to assure the rapier match with oscillograph.
Contractive-type acuminate hook
12cm earth wire with alligator clip
4 pairs of colorized cable markers
Locating sleeve adapts to IC testing.
Double-nip wire

Item T5060 (PP-80) PP-90 T5100 (PP-150) P2020 (PP-200)
Attenuation x1? x10
Input resistance 1M:?10M
Input capacitance x1: 85pF-115pF
x1: 85pF-115pF
x10: 18.5pF-22.5pF
Compensation scope 20pF-40pF 15pF-40pF 15pF-35pF
System bandwidth x1:DC-4MHz;
x10: DC-60MHz
x10: DC-80MHz
x1: DC-5MHz
x10: DC-100MHz
x1: DC-8MHz
x10: DC-200MHz
Input voltage x1:<200V DC +Peak AC?
x10:?<600V DC +Peak AC
weight 55g
Cable length 120cm
Temperature scope: Operation: -10--+50
Not Operation: -20--+75
Humidity 85% (Relative humidity)

PP80/150/200 were the old model numbers. T5060 is the same as PP80, T5100 is the same as PP150, P2020 is the same as PP200.

T5060 T5060
T5060 PP80