Flex Current Clamp

NOV@TEK Flex Current Clamp

¡¡¡¡Welcome to Novatek website and thank you for your interest in our products! Here you will find the details of our Differential Probe, Flex Current Clamp, Curve Tracer Probe, Voltage Probe and Test Leads.

  • No magnetic-saturation parts, good linearity, easy to mark the value, excellent ability of instantaneous response.
  • Wide frequency range, 2Hz~2MHz, can measure harmonic wave.
  • Wide current range, 10mA~1MA, small phase error is less than 0.1degree.
  • The range depends not on the linearity but on the max broken voltage.
  • Current range is in 3 steps. Good accuracy¡À1%
  • Standard coil insulation voltage £¾1000V. with extern high voltage tube, the insulation voltage can reach 10KV.
  • No danger of second-time open circuit and overload like normal current clamp, especially safe for large current.
  • Small size, easy to install, no need to destroy the conductor.
  • In the situation where the lines are crowded, or to the Aluminum or Cooper wires currents, this product is flexible in a narrow space.
  • The output terminal is easy for connection with oscilloscope, multimeter, power meter, and other online monitoring instrument.
  • Wide application: flexible material , convenient to test the conductor current in various status.
  • The coil length and output voltage can be custom-made.