Curve Tracer Probe

NOV@TEK Curve Tracer Probe

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 Curve Tracer Probe


Operating Basics


NCTP9511 I-V Curve Tracer Probe is very convenient to operate. But we suggest every new user should read the manual perfectly prior to begin operating.


Operation steps

•  Make sure the input voltage for AC Adaptor is correct prior to use.

•  Set the oscilloscope to X-Y mode.

•  Set both the vertical sensitivity of X and Y channel to 5V/div.

•  Connect the X output BNC (with red ring) to the X channel of oscilloscope. Connect the Y output BNC (with blue ring) to the Y channel of oscilloscope.

•  Connect the AC adapter to the probe firstly and then plug the adapter to the electrical outlet. The red POWER indicator lights.

•  Fix the two input Test Probes to the Input Connectors, connect the the Test Probes to the measured object to start measuring. The curve trace of object will be displayed on the screen of oscilloscope.

•  In case that the measured object is components with feet, it will be more convenient to use the Alligator Clips instead.

•  Readjust the oscilloscope vertical sensitivity according to displayed trace to get a satisfied display.

•  When the test is finished, disconnect input from measured object at first, then disconnect the power, disconnect the output BNC terminal from the oscilloscope at last.

Preparation for use

If you want to measure or repair a complicated PCBA or instrument, it's best that you prepare a typical sample to compare.

Attention to use

Do not connect or disconnect probes while the measured object is connected to a voltage source.

Do not use it to measure electriferous object. This product should be used to measure uncharged object to avoid damage to the probe or the measured objects.