Curve Tracer Probe

NOV@TEK Curve Tracer Probe

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 Curve Tracer Probe

NCTP9511 I-V Curve Tracer Probe is usually used with an oscilloscope. Display the I-V curve trace of measured object on the screen of oscilloscope to measure or analysis the resistance, inductor, capacitor, transistor, transformer etc. as well as analysis the various parameters of test circuit.


If you want to verify or repair a PCBA or a malfunction instrument, comparison to a typical board could be a very smart approach in daily practice. If you can use this product expertly, the efficiency will be much higher than multi-meter and routine probes.


The most advantage is that the NCTP9511 can be used while the object PCBA or instrument could not be allowed to energized or power on. Often, if a malfunction instrument is powered on, the faults will be augmented and the loss will be increased.


It may be used at the following location usually:

  • Check general component & components combination
  • Check transformer or motor coils
  • Check and repair PCBA
  • Check and repair electronic instrument
  • Measure and Analysis the circuit parameters
  • Basic electronic experiment