Differential Probe

NOV@TEK Differential Probe

ˇˇˇˇWelcome to Novatek website and thank you for your interest in our products! Here you will find the details of our Differential Probe, Flex Current Clamp, Curve Tracer Probe, Voltage Probe and Test Leads.

Its over 4M¦¸ isolated input can eliminate the traditional
isolating transformer in floating test, or completely eliminate the safety risk caused by improper instrument floating. The wide bandwidth can be easily used on power noise and harmonic analysis.It is used extensively on electrical, power industry for floating test, power analysis.

Also it is one powerful probe in education market for floating test experiment and training since its durable performance and affordable price.

It may be used at the following location usually:

  • Measure without connect to ground
  • Measure a high voltage or strong electricity
  • Switch-mode power supplies design
  • Power convert design
  • AC inverter and UPS
  • Transducer design
  • Electronic ballast design
  • Electromotor drive design
  • CRT display design
  • Electric and electronic experiment
1. Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS) Floating test
As one of basic analog circuitry, SMPS has very popular application in
various industries, like AC/DC, below is one illustration how to use
IIP1050 to measure the switch signal and analyze.

2.Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS) current floating test

3.Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS) power consumption analysis